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Business Meeting throught the Window

International Mental Health Nursing Research Conference 2021: Embedding The Importance of Self-Compassion In Mental Health Nursing

Alexander was able to be a first time presenter, here at the international conference. Presenting work which has been conducted and collated, over the last several years from group sessions created and delivered to the Newly Qualified Mental Health Practitioners. Focusing on embedding the importance of self-compassion for mental health nurses.

Go Team

West Midlands Hospital; 2019 on going

Beginning in October of 2019 and delivered to the Director and all Heads of Departments at West Midlands Hospital. This programme has been designed to impact on Effective Communication through a development intervention, underpinned with three academic theories.

All of which have been proven to positively impact on communication within a group or team setting.

The BSMHFT Project; 2014 on going 

This project has been successfully running since 2014 and still continues to be delivered, to newly qualified mental health practitioners today. 


A half-day workshop, comprising of Defence Mechanisms, Eating Correctly in the Workplace, Assertiveness and Remaining Active in the Workplace.


In addition, feedback and evaluation forms are given out to all attendees, ensuring fresh, updated and relevant content from the perspective of the mental health practitioners.

30 day resilience and wellbeing programme

We are currently recruiting five individuals to work with for the month of September 2019, where we will set them all up with a bespoke nutritional and activity programme to follow for 30 days. We will meet on a weekly basis to amend and help improve anything they may be struggling with.

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