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Nearly on the other side

On Monday the 18th of September 2017, I walked into the University of Worcesters Business School, to enquire about joining one of their degree courses in 2018.

With great surprise, I was told that if the course fees could be found within the next two days, it would be possible for me to start the following Monday. Off I went, to try and see if these funds could be pieced together, and as they say, my ducks must have been in a line.

Seven days on from being told I might be able to join one of their business degrees, there I was sat in a classroom ready to start a three year journey of Business, Accountancy and Marketing.

Here I am, two years later, in my third and final year.

Waiting to continue this new and exciting adventure out there in the business world, with all the tools I have learnt from my lecturers, assignments, presentations, exams and text books. As well as other the extra reading I have done in my own time, getting familiar with the likes of Jim Rohn, Norman Vincent Peal, James Allen, Robert Green and of course Rob Moore. Not forgetting, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

Those are just the business related books, I have found a thirst for learning in; Hawkins, Darwin, Dawkins, Socrates, Cox have also drawn me in with their work.

Books such as; The Secret, The Alchemist, The Games People Play, Outwitting the Devil, are also on my self read from cover to cover.

Who said an old dog can not learn new tricks? I am living proof that the brain is always hungry for knowledge if you are willing to feed it!

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